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The connection between performance enhancing agents and sportsmen is ought to happen.

Of course, I won’t doubt if the list of sportsmen found guilty on these illegal drugs exceed the ones that have never used them in their entire career, or let’s put it this way, that have never been proven to use performance enhancing drugs.

On the very other hand, it has been observed that 80 to 90 percent of those who fail the anti-doping test either go in a complete state of denial or decide to challenge the verdict. Both ways, they leave no stone unturned to save themselves from the penalty or sentence that ultimately leaves a toll on their career.

So why do they use these substances and turn a deaf ear to its consequences? Why don’t they follow those simple and explicit rules, the violation of which can end up putting in a legal trouble- are few interesting questions that will be answered later, for now, let’s see who is this sportsman who sought illegal agents to get an edge over its rival- or say, survive the game better than his opponent!


The mixed martial arts fighter Brian Ortega is known for his competitive and unyielding nature in the ring. The enthusiastic 27 years old who is the top contender in the featherweight division of the UFC these days, was not always this ‘clean’ before!

Sources revealed that Ortega served a very serious sentence after being found on a performance enhancing drug- drostanolone in 2014.

Interestingly, the event that made his way to his UFC-debut win against the 5.11”, American MMA fighter Mike De La Torre turned into a nightmare when the former failed to pass the anti-doping test- leaving all his admirers shocked and upset.

While this may be for the first time for Ortega, its not rare to witness fighters failing steroidal tests and serving sentences from his very own field.


Performance enhancing drugs are of many sorts but most of them are aimed to improve your overall agility, stamina and focus.

These agents, that are generally referred as the anabolic steroids are very powerful, non-natural hormones that can help men in a similar way as natural testosterone can.

Of course, since they are the imitation of the natural hormones, they produce side effects that are generally caused by their direct impact on blood pressure and more importantly, their stressful nature on liver.


Drostanolone/ Masteronis understandably, an anabolic steroid that is generally used/abused by athletes because of its tendency to improve physical performance fueled by higher stamina, increased endurance and speedy regeneration.

But that’s not all about it as the agent can also contribute in the reduction of body fat- and equally- in the building up of muscles, while further generating the series of effects led by a healthy amount of testosterone in the body.


After proving guilty, it was expected that Brian would face a conviction similarly to those involved in the same act earlier. And so, he was suspended for a period of 9 months along with a penalty of $2500.

Interestingly, things did not settle there. He was further made to suffer when his UFC-debut win was altered into a no-contest, leaving the MMA fighter serve what’s said to be a strict punishment for something that is completely unlawful and unfair to other players.


It was least expected when Ortega took a very brave step and came ahead to admit and apologize his mistake. According to him, his intensions for using anabolics were different than what people and the jury assume.

The MMA fighter revealed that his actual purpose behind resorting to steroid was to drop weight, and nothing other than that. He further said that the steroid he used is more or less, similar to ‘phen’ or Hydroxycut that are agents that aid in cutting the excess body weight- and nothing more.

But in spite of all that, he completely admitted his offense and took full responsibility of his wrongdoing.


While the MMA fighter explicitly negated his coaches’ involvement in the matter, we can still smell a rat. And why not, after all, history is filled with cases where coaches and trainers have been found responsible for injecting steroids to their trainees. Thereby, we completely resist commenting or agreeing on this very ‘confession’ by Ortega.

But for now, all we can say is that Ortega deserves a second chance too- with the same level of respect and love we had for the fighter, earlier. After all, we all are humans that are prone to make mistakes. So, we wish him good luck for his future fights ahead!

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